Plastic Injection Mold Shaping/MA36

Plastic Injection Mold Shaping/MA36

Plastic Injection Mould Specifications 1,mould type: MA36 2 . Mould Standard DME,HASCO,LKM. 3 . Mould Steel 1.2311,1.2738,NAK80,1.2344,S136 etc 4 . Mould treatment EDM,VDI 3400 Code,MOLD-TECH,Texturing 5 . Type of Gate Cold gate, Hot Runner Gate,...

Product Details

Plastic Injection Mould Specifications

1,mould type: MA36

2.Mould Standard  DME,HASCO,LKM.

3Mould Steel       1.2311,1.2738,NAK80,1.2344,S136 etc
4Mould treatment EDM,VDI 3400 Code,MOLD-TECH,Texturing

5.Type of Gate  Cold gate, Hot Runner Gate, Sprue Gate, Pin Point Gate, Submarine

6.Plastic Material Type ABS, ABS+PC, PP, PS, POM, PVC, TPE,  Acetal,PA6.7,PA6,PA6.6+30GF,etc.   



Plastic Injection Mould
- Products Designing & Manufacturing.
- Rapid Prototyping
- Plastic Moulds Designing & Manufacturing.
- Plastic Injection Molding
- Product Treatment & Product Assembling
- OEM/ODM is welcomed.

Mould Designing & Machining 

(1) 3D Modeling, PRO/ENGINEER-PRO/E,Unigraphics-UG, SolidWorks

(3D Modeling)
(2) 2D Modeling, AutoCAD,CAXA 
(3)CNC Programming: Master CAM,Unigraphics NX 
(4) EDM Programming 
(5) Wire-Cut Machine Programming ,CAXA 
Mould process machines 
CNC, EDM, wire-cutting machine, milling machine, lathe machine, drilling

machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, CMM, etc


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