Structure Of The Hydraulic Drive System

- May 27, 2015-

Hydraulic drive system composed of basic mechanism. The hydraulic transmission system is composed of filters, oil pipelines, pumps, valves, throttle valves, directional control of HIV/AIDS components such as valves and hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic transmission system in the basic operation methods are as follows. Motor Yu moving pump from tank in the through filter network put hydraulic oil powder sent to discovery tubing road in the, after throttle week control hydraulic oil of flow (lost oil volume size by hydraulic oil cylinder promoted piston moisten with oil volume to decided), again after reversing valve change hydraulic oil of flow direction. reversing valve location, hydraulic oil by reversing valve into people oil cylinder in the piston left, promoted piston right moved; piston right hydraulic oil, by reversing valve has opened of back tubing unloading pressure flow back tank.

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