Injection Mold Temperature Control System

- Aug 11, 2016-

Temperature of injection mold filling of material flow, solidify, has an important impact on the quality and productivity of the workpiece, it takes depends on the temperature control system control. For example, in parts during the injection moulding process, due to the geometry of the reason makes it difficult for cavity around the table wall temperature uniform, workpieces of various cooling rates will vary, which can lead to uneven shrinkage and stress, affect the quality of the workpiece. If Walter in the die temperature is higher parts cold water, mold temperature low pass over the hot water to reduce the temperature differences around the table of the cavity wall, then it will reach the effectiveness of thermoregulation. Effect of mold temperature on productivity is obvious, workpieces in the mold cavity less cooling time, injection moulding cycles are shorter, higher productivity. This first condition is of course parts fully formed process conditions allowed.

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