Hydraulic Transmission Characteristics

- May 27, 2015-

① low speed high torque hydraulic motor for direct-drive a bodies movement, equipment simple structure.

② transmission works smoothly, running is not easy to have an impact, frequent job change direction.

③ stepless speed regulation, large speed range changes.

④ in case of overload safety protection.

⑤ working conditions within the same power, compact structure, small volume of hydraulic transmission.

⑥ work hydraulic system parts lubrication conditions, and long working life.

Sadly, joint coordination with electric control and hydraulic oil, you can get more complex automated control, implement circular.

⑧ parts in hydraulic drive system can implement universal, standardized, serialized, this will reduce the cost of hydraulic equipment manufacturing, maintenance and replacement of wear parts for hydraulic drive system with ease.

⑨ hydraulic deficiencies.

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