Hydraulic Fluid Power-working Conditions

- May 27, 2015-

① a certain pressure of hydraulic oil-flow provided by the pump. Mobile hydraulic oils machinery motor transfer function through the oil pump pressure oil converted into a certain energy.

II the pressure oil-energy conversion of executing agencies by oil-tank or motor operation. it is the role of energy through the cylinder or the hydraulic oil pressure oil motor converted into mechanical energy, used to run an institution work.

③ hydraulic oil with certain energy controls-done by a control valve with various functions. as with the reversing valve change the direction of flow of the hydraulic oil, pipelines of hydraulic valve control of HIV/AIDS, throttle limit of hydraulic oil flow in the pipeline.

④ with complete hydraulic transmission of assistive devices. Auxiliary units including tanks, oil cooling equipment, conveyor lines, fittings, filters, a variety of switch and pressure gauge.

⑤ energy transfer medium: hydraulic oil. injection molding machines used in hydraulic transmission oil usually used BU AN32 or L-AN46 oils for total loss systems, Mobil DTE 25 editors recommend shell ShellTellus 01168 anti-wear oil or hydraulic oil.

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