Composed Of Classification And Structure Of Injection Mold

- May 27, 2015 -

Structure of molds for plastic injection molding products in a variety of forms, and classification, there is no uniform provision. By injection products with plastic material points, has thermoplastic plastic mold processing and thermosetting plastic forming injection mold; by plastic injection processing products of manufacturing forming precision points, has general type injection mold and precision type mold processing; by plastic injection processing products of quality points, has emblem type injection mold (parts heavy is less than 5kg), and small injection mold (parts heavy in), and medium injection mold (parts heavy 100-2000kg) and large injection mold (parts heavy 2-20T); Types of molding injection mold structure, there are two open mode die, three open mode die, four open mode injection mold side core pulling of mould and.

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