Adjustment Of Injection Mould Test Sequence Is As Follows

- May 27, 2015-

① checking injection mould for the pillar and guide Bush work in opening and closing with the sliding mold moves correctly oriented, slip fit 20 pieces should be clamped-free interference phenomena.

② low voltage, low speed mode. Checks, will be for two and a half work of mould-clamping motion is accurate, two semi-modular interface should be able to close contacts.

If two half of the mode combining everything is normal, then retighten clamp fixing nuts of each part at a time. Pay attention to the tightening force of the nut should be uniform.

④ slow mold. adjust the working position of the lifting rods, ejector lever position adjusted to make Knock-Out Plate of injection molds and templates have a clearance of not less than 5mm, allow ejector rod to work properly, and prevent damage to the plastic injection molds.

⑤ relies on ejection force or mold opening force core-pulling injection mould, care should be taken out of action and the distance core-pulling motor coordination, in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of work of the two bodies to prevent mutual interference in the work, damage or mould does not work.

⑥ platen opening stroke of the good is calculated from the size slider controls adjust fixed trip switch.

⑦ adjust, test clamping force. clamping force adjustment should be started with low value, toggle-link stretches when clamping motion look easily prevail. If you press molding products technology requirements, plastic injection molding needs to have a certain amount of despair, the adjustment of the clamping force should be in body temperature rose to injection mould process requires temperatures of.

⑧ mold equipment parts and injection mould clamping adjustment test of all the normal all clear with each other part should be properly lubricated.

Krispy Kreme is installing molding injection mold with accessories, such as heating elements, control instrumentation, installation of hydraulic, pneumatic and cooling circulating water pipeline. debugging, check the accuracy of resistive heating and instrument control, hydraulic work pressure, gas use to debug and test the reliability of its work; inspect all piping connections for seepage phenomena of Han.

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