The advantage of using thermal cycling method for injection

- May 27, 2015 -

This process makes the mold surface can reach high temperatures, it can greatly improve the surface quality of the molded parts. And during the course of operation, no longer like the traditional technology of varnishing, grinding processes and, in some cases, can even save them powder coated with this tool, we can see that thermocycling process reduces the secondary processing of mold, so as to make the whole production cost a certain amount of control. Secondly, the thermocycling process can improve the surface finish of glass fiber reinforced structural materials, which can make the products are widely used in high gloss areas, so as to further expand the range of products. In addition, hot and cold processing technology also reduce molding cycle stress, reduction or elimination of swirling lines, weld defects, increased melt flow length, which produce high quality thin-walled products. Thus, chcp mold processing technology can improve the quality of parts, reducing the construction process, reduce production costs, improve surface finish, use a wide, make up for the shortcomings of traditional processing techniques to produce more novel products, is worth promoting.

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