Mold injection which does contain?

- Jul 08, 2016 -

Main material is in the process of heating, easy to melt, then there is to be cured, and thus it can be molded. In General, this product has the characteristics of a certain, mainly is uneven in terms of temperature characteristic of this some time point also has a great relevance. This product key is being able to maintain a constant temperature, which is stipulated in the 2max and 2min process, namely for temperature fluctuation plays a role in prevention.

Of course, which also contains the following areas, it is a controlled manner, be sure all you need to know, and then there is the need to have control of accuracy, that is, for a lot of things are needed to meet the requirements. Is the master control method, then it's mold has a relatively large fluctuations in temperature and injection speed, room temperature has melting effects on, there is the melting temperature also has a role. Then you can proceed directly to the mould temperature control, which is mainly on the sensor unit is better, their main thing is to have the same die temperature and the set temperature. Another aspect is that the joint control. Is for mold, and control on temperature and fluid at the same time.

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