Injection mold structure and function of each part of the main

- Jul 08, 2016-

1 forming parts function: determines the geometry of products and locations

2 clamping mechanism: ensure moving half and fixed half two parts or other components correctly together in mold,

To ensure the accuracy of shapes and sizes, and avoid collisions and interference in the mould parts in the parts.

3 effect of gating system: injection machines for injection of plastics melt into a closed mold cavity channel on melt flow characteristics of dies and injection molding quality plays an important role.

4 launch institutional roles: plastic extrusion cavity devices

5 side-parting and core-pulling mechanism: in order to achieve products with side holes or undercut a lateral movement of the side core pulling devices.

6 exhaust function: in order to rule out mold cavity in plastic melt in die process air and plastic in itself

Play a variety of gases, to prevent them from causing defects.

7 function cooling heating device: in order to meet the injection molding technology of die process of mold temperature

Requirements to ensure that melt the plastic parts mold filling and curing of products stereotypes.

8 supporting parts and function: mainly used for fixing or supporting parts, such as the above mentioned seven functional structure

Will underpin the parts fit together, can constitute a basic skeleton of the mold.

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We are the plastic mould factory in Shenzhen China. 
We specialize in making injection molds and manufacture plastic products for 15 years in China.
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4,Line wire cut machine     / 10 sets
5,Employee                    / 180 

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