How does mold manufacturing requirements

- Jul 08, 2016-

Along with rapid economic development, and competitive markets today, product updates, the more and faster, covered by old products with new products, mold is not lagging behind other products, as far as possible reduce the manufacturing cycle of mold, mold is now a modern and efficient production line, the demand for moulds production for a short time.

Manufacture of mold production is continuous, a single workpiece processing processes used to mold, so it is difficult to supply demand. Mold manufacturing process, accuracy is very high, mold parts cannot appear worse cents, which is also a difficulty in mould production process.

About mold in the use of life expectancy are also concerned, which affect the life of it? Was actually from a few aspects to consider in design when designing its structure, structural specification, mold capacity is quite good, without structural rules, die in operation is paralyzed too soon.

Material life is considerable effect, building materials and other chemical composition and contrast, it would have been better than no, it must be material types have more influence, if comparison of type and hardness of the material, can speak of topics, so life is helpful to us in these areas.

our factory's introduction:

How are you
We are the plastic mould factory in Shenzhen China. 
We specialize in making injection molds and manufacture plastic products for 15 years in China.
1,plastic injection machine  /27 sets
2,CNC machine                 /4 sets
3,Spark machine               /15 sets
4,Line wire cut machine     / 10 sets
5,Employee                    / 180 

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