High-end plastic injection mold machine tools industry continues to enhance research and development capabilities

- May 27, 2015-

Everyone knows, injection mold manufacturing mold industry trends there are no substitute. In high-end plastic injection mold machine category, Chinese companies have completed the break, completed the product promotion and cross. Meanwhile, the company developed skills continue to improve, increasing the company's strength.

As the State of injection mold machine tools industry, completed the transformation of industrial promotion, to mold the future of development in China is relatively clear, while the machine tool is also on the path of rising out of a printed with Chinese characteristics. Development of China beginning in the high-end tooling machines, cannot end from the previous to the current research is now beginning to stand on, moulds machine the whole planning from small to large and rapid growth.

Overall, the low-end level of the mold machine tools in China is still in the world, advanced mold machine tools also need to continue to develop. High Mold levels in most developed weak points of equipment still needs to be introduced from abroad. Such a situation, all controlled by others. Most outstanding passive situation in the production areas of aviation. China mould machine tool company to grasp all of the domestic market demand, unable to supply useful solutions for users, must be degree of restriction of the high-end tooling machines.

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