Development of mold industry has what effect on industrial

- Jul 08, 2016-

Mold and die industry compared to advanced countries ' competitiveness and mold, trivial, but at the request of national development and mould industries still have a great deal of momentum. Even domestic of some national brand also has in upgrade of State Xia, China of mold production although market occupies share is big, but self-sufficiency rate too low, regardless of is in design aspects, and also is material aspects, even parts, are and advanced national exists gap, but industry of development also is to mold industry provides has opportunity, consumption capacity of improve, let mold industry gradually played has role. In addition, the keen competition in the industry, is a major reason why mold can survive. Believe the gap between China and developed countries would become increasingly small and die industry will grow more prosperous.

our factory's introduction:

How are you
We are the plastic mould factory in Shenzhen China. 
We specialize in making injection molds and manufacture plastic products for 15 years in China.
1,plastic injection machine  /27 sets
2,CNC machine                 /4 sets
3,Spark machine               /15 sets
4,Line wire cut machine     / 10 sets
5,Employee                    / 180 

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